Friday, December 31, 2010

A Quilters Christmas

The Loving Hands Quilt Group party was a smashing success. Again husbands or friends were invited and encouraged to attend. A few "get to know you" activities broke the ice for the new comers. As always the food was a big hit, and like the Thanksgiving gathering we are requested to submit our recipes. Gifts were exchanged amongst the quilters while the non-quilters gathered for games and TV in the basement entertainment area. It was a wonderful evening...

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Thanksgiving Celebration with friends

There is one thing you can say about quilters and especially quilters that are church going Christians... food is near the center of the event... fun, food and fellowship was the highlight of the Thanksgiving celebration... plus a birthday shared.

Busy Meeting Oct 26

The productivity at the October 26th meeting was contagious... we worked lived crazed whirl winds... some folks finishing up personal projects in anticipation of Christmas and others carry on the charity projects... Plus we had show & tell, it is obvious that some are busy even away from the meetings...

Stocking work shop

Was October 16th a work shop or sweat shop???? We weren't sure but it was a fun and rewarding day. We got enough Christmas stockings done so that the youth of the church could use them for their community outreach event.... We even got a glimpse of the airshow from the near by Air Force Base...