Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Quilt Partner for 2012

This year the LHQG has decided to partner with several organizations...
of course, our quilting making will be the cornerstone of this partnership.

Here is a break down of how the group wanted to distribute our quilts...

# 1 we'll partner with the Ga Baptist Children's Home and Family Ministry (GBCHFM) TLC-2 maternity cottage on the Palmetto Campus

#2. We'll make one ranch, horse or farm theme quilt for the Good Shepherd therapeutic ranch which is also under the umbrella of the GBCHFM. This quilt will be used as an incentive that the boys can earn.

#3. The K.I.T. ministry has asked us to consider continuing our periodic gifts to the church members they serve.

#4. Our present collection of quilts will be divided amongst several of our choices...
**The appropriate baby quilts will go to TLC-2 as part of our commitment to the program, minimum of 5 baby quilts and 5 nap quilts for the mothers.
**The appropriate size and/theme quilts will go to the Developmental Disabilities Ministry for them to distribute to selected residents.
**If there are quilts remaining they will go to The Center for Family Resources to become part of the "Welcome Kit" for new apartment residents.

We have our marching orders for the year.

This partnership will be a blessing to the girls we serve plus our group, we have a cause, a purpose.
This will be a fun productive year.
Looking forward working with you for God's glory
Mari-Lynn and Kay

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Welcome to 2012

New Year

New postings

New Photos

Keep up with your quilt group here!!!

coming soon

Photos of January 2012 meetings

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

First 2011 Quilt Till You Wilt

The first Quilt Till You Wilt (QTYW) was a huge success. Of course, all quilters run on food but the interesting thing about this meeting was all the snack food was healthy... what happened to us over the holidays?

The QTYW began with making the Dollar General lotion for the church's "In Touch" ministry which is a one on one continuing ministry with the shut-ins of the congregation. Batches of the lotion were divided into small containers and would be delivered to the members by their contact person.

A little more snacking....

Then everyone began work on their individual projects whether it be charity quilts or personal projects... a lot of progress was made.

More snacking...

In the afternoon a car load of members went on a short shop hop... they first visited KiwiQuilts located on the county line between Cobb and Paulding counties. A nice shop that was really hopping on a Saturday because another church quilting group was also out sampling the quilt shops. At Kiwi we all seemed to buy something from the clearance table. The next stop was StitchnQuilt in Mableton. They also shopped the clearance corner here. One of our faithful members was in the shop's class, so of course, we had to barge in and say hi.... After a quick meal the four were back at church for more sewing...

A great time was had by all...

Friday, December 31, 2010

A Quilters Christmas

The Loving Hands Quilt Group party was a smashing success. Again husbands or friends were invited and encouraged to attend. A few "get to know you" activities broke the ice for the new comers. As always the food was a big hit, and like the Thanksgiving gathering we are requested to submit our recipes. Gifts were exchanged amongst the quilters while the non-quilters gathered for games and TV in the basement entertainment area. It was a wonderful evening...

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Thanksgiving Celebration with friends

There is one thing you can say about quilters and especially quilters that are church going Christians... food is near the center of the event... fun, food and fellowship was the highlight of the Thanksgiving celebration... plus a birthday shared.

Busy Meeting Oct 26

The productivity at the October 26th meeting was contagious... we worked lived crazed whirl winds... some folks finishing up personal projects in anticipation of Christmas and others carry on the charity projects... Plus we had show & tell, it is obvious that some are busy even away from the meetings...

Stocking work shop

Was October 16th a work shop or sweat shop???? We weren't sure but it was a fun and rewarding day. We got enough Christmas stockings done so that the youth of the church could use them for their community outreach event.... We even got a glimpse of the airshow from the near by Air Force Base...